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Welcome to the Kwazulu Natal / Midlands Branch of Epilepsy South Africa

In 1976 the KwaZulu Natal Midlands branch was established. The founding members of this branch were parents of children living with epilepsy and those with the realization that people living with epilepsy were in the need of social intrevention and support.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, regarding ANY questions:

Tel: +27 (033) 3941041 or email us at: kzn@epilepsy.org.za

35 Hyslop Road, Pietermaritzburg



Psycho-Social Services...

EPILEPSY SOUTH AFRICA KZN MIDLANDS , offers holistic social work services to all people



By means of support groups for both people living with epilepsy and families of people living with epilepsy,


Community Development And Poverty Alleviation...

EPILEPSY SOUTH AFRICA KZN MIDLANDS has started working in some of the deep rural areas in KwaZulu Natal Midlands


Public Awareness...

There exisist many myths and misconceptions about epilepsy and even in the modern society that we live in people are discriminated against because of the lack of information and education.