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Funders are the livelihood of the organisation and we pay tribute to loyal long term supporters of our programmes:

Corporate Social Investiment, or CSI opportunities in disability is plentiful and extremely important to the sustainability of vital services to South Africans with disabilities.  Epilepsy South Africa offer CSI opportunities in the the BEE elements of skills development and entreprise development and is a level 4 BEE contributor.  This means that your company can benefit in preferential procurement and can claim 100% of your contribution to the organisation from your CSI budget.  For more information on CSI opportunities with Epilepsy South Africa, please contact fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za.

National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF)

A regular supporter of the operations of Epilepsy South Africa

National Department of Social Development

An annual supporter of the social development activities of the Organisation

International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE)

Continuous support via the IBE Promising Strategies Awards for Organisations providing services for persons with epilepsy.  Visit and join their facebook page.

Disability Empowerment Concerns (DEC) Trust

Established to engage in business ventures in the context of Black Economic Empowerment, the DEC Trust plays a vital role in the financial sustainability strategy of the National Office via regular contributions

TOTAL South Africa

A generous grant from TOTAL South Africa made possible a variety of economic development activities for the Organisation, specifically in capacity building of trainers, direct entrepreneurial training and the development of an employment manual for persons with epilepsy and other disabilities

Other funding received: The National Office is privileged to have the financial support from many other companies, organizations, trusts, foundations and individuals. Donations of R10, 000 and higher included the Ackerman Family Trust, the Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation and the GCG Werdmuller Trust. Our gratitude to all other Trusts and Foundations for their continuous support as well.

Members and Individual Donors: The National Office extends our gratitude to all our individual members and donors who support us so loyally each year. We want to especially mention those that are making recurring donations to the organization. You are the foundation of our organization’s long term financial sustainability and we commend you for your continued commitment.