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Partners of National Office play a vital role in the development of organisational material, media and distribution as well as in the production of marketing and training materials.  Without these partners, Epilepsy South Africa would have had to invest a large quantity of funding that could have been allocated to the provision of services.

If you or your company have a service available that may be of benefit to Epilepsy South Africa we would gladly here from you.  Please contact us at fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za.

(Epilepsy South Africa National Office is a Level 4 BEE contributor, which means that 100% of your contribution to our organisation can be deducted from your targeted Corporte Social Investment expenditure.)

We wish to extend our absolute gratitude to the following loyal Partners who are an integrated part of Epilepsy South Africa:

Newsclip Media Monitoring Services provides a valuable monitoring services of all South African media with content relevant to Epilepsy SA.  With immediate notification of news about or for the organisation, we are in a position to respond fast and efficient in all media matters.  This enables us not only to promote the organisation in the public eye, but also to rapidly respond to crisis where our beneficiaries are concerned.
MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet is one of South Africa´s biggest fundraising programmes and allows you to make a difference, just by shopping.
Every time you swipe your card at any of our 12 national or numerous local partners they´ll make a donation, on your behalf, to the school or cause you choose at absolutely no cost to you!
Get your free card today and nominate Epilepsy SA as your charity of choice. Every swipe counts!
Total South Africa’s corporate social investments spend is divided between focused flagship projects and community based projects in four key areas: education, environmental conservation, heritage and social development
Epilepsy South Africa recognises with thanks the continued support of our work by the Department of Social Development.
Epilepsy South Africa acknowledges with thanks the support of Shumani Mills by printing Epinews for distribution to persons with epilepsy.