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The programme aims to redress discrimination and exclusion experienced by people with epilepsy and/or other disabilities on a daily basis. The National Office co-ordinates and facilitates national social development programmes and initiatives throughout South Africa. New initiatives are identified through research, liaison with the branches, members and clients. Through such consultation and liaison, interaction with grass roots communities and consumers are ensured.

There are several programmes within the National Social Development Programme, namely:


With this programme we aim to empower people with epilepsy to stand up and speak out about their rights to inclusion, acceptance and full participation within society.


This programme aims to empower children and youth with epilepsy through their inclusion in a leadership and skills development programme to ensure they develop into happy well adapted adults who are fully included in mainstream society.


The National Office facilitates on-line counseling service via our website. We also facilitate counseling and assistive services via telephonic and written request received.


The National Social Office Social Worker provides assessment, training and support to the social development departments and staff within the Branches of Epilepsy South Africa, to ensure quality and progressive service delivery.


Through this programme the organisation strives to obtain accurate statistice about our consumers and we further strive to ensure the development and distribution of applicable and accurate information about epilepsy.


The National Office is responsible for the development and implementation of direct service delivery for people with epilepsy and other disabilities in the Northern Cape. Our services currently include awareness and training about epilepsy and we work in partnership with existing NGO’s and CBO’s in this province to ensure continued service delivery.


With effect from 2016 Epilepsy South Africa aligned National Epilepsy Week to the International Epilepsy Day on the second Monday in February annually.


It is within South Africa’s social, political and economic context that Epilepsy South Africa is committed to the economic development of people with epilepsy and other disabilities. Economic development refers to a process whereby an individual, group or community is provided additional skills or knowledge in order to facilitate or improve access to economic activities to advance a quality of life according to ones own design. It is thus a focused process of removing barriers to and creating opportunities for employment and income generation initiatives that comprise the effort to uphold the Constitutional right of full and active participation for all people, including people with epilepsy, into mainstream society. This is achieved through a provision of various economic development activities.  To access a brochure that contains information about our most popular trainings, including entrepreneurship and advocacy trainings, please click here.  

Income Generation Projects

Created for development staff interested in supporting projects that facilitate the economic empowerment of people with disabilities we offer the training and facilitation of income generation projects.  These projects often focus on the development of a strong community infrastructure to create sustainable ventures.  This programme was developed to supplement our poverty alleviation strategies and can be tailored to suit the particular economic landscape of communities throughout South Africa. 

Entrepreneurial Development

Epilepsy South Africa boasts a broad and established expertise in entreprenuerial development.  In effort to facilitate sustainable economic development, a variety of training courses are available that instruct individuals on how to develop of viable entrepreneurial enterprise.  The array of trainings utilize innovative teaching strategies to impart theoretical learning in combination with practical application of entrepreneurial skills for individuals with varying academic and/or business experience.  Learn more about our most recent training in Kimberley by clicking here.    



Open Labour market placement

Access to economic integration through open labour market placement support individuals who are interested in joining the formal employment sector.  As an established and highly credible organization, Epilepsy South Africa actively engages in partnerships with various public and private sector institutions in order to facilitate access and integration to employment for people with epilepsy.  Training programmes designed to educate and inform employers of their rights and responsibilities in regard to employing people with disabilities is also included in our portfolio. 

Protective Workshops

Protective workshops provide opportunity for appropriate individuals to utilize and develop skills within a protected employment environment. Located throughout various locations in South Africa, our protective workshops offer employment for those who are not ready to participate in the open labour market or start a business of their own.

Skills Development

As a cornerstone to access and advancement within any economic sector, skills development is also a focus of our economic development programme.  Epilepsy South Africa provides a variety of industry-specific trainings to support the development of skills that meet industry standards as well as industry demands.